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Our safety and discretion is my main priority.  If we havent met, follow both steps. NO EXCEPTION 

1.) Provide me with contact info of -2- reputable providers you've seen that I may use to verify you


2.) Also, private message me from the username/handle on the review sites you got my website info from including your email address so I know it's you .

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💌 MonicaMelts@protonmail.com

For both of our convenience, please include the following info. when reaching out to meet. (This will speed up the process)

Email: Monicamelts@protonmail.com 

Feel free to COPY & PASTE the following to your email

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  • Handle/Username from review site: 

Nothing is more lucid than integrity and mutual respect. Faux pas are what make us human. We should take them in stride along with doses of humor and the best intent. I respect and value my companions & colleagues. Id like to welcome those who share these values into my circle. -M.M.

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