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3/1/2019 - NNJ

Just what the doctor ordered, Monica melted me!

"This is complete fiction so take it for what it's worth.  Just what the doctor ordered. Going through some personally difficult stuff at home and Monica provided the perfect escape. Delicious dinner and even more delicious dessert. Monica is fully present and was totally tuned in to me the whole time. Didn't hear the word no all night. She was up for anything and everything I wanted to do. A perfect lady in public and a demon in the sheets. Her enthusiasm is authentic. Oral skill off the charts. Most importantly just a total pleasure to hang out with. PM for Acroys if necessary but she has plenty of more detailed reviews."


12/11/2018 - NNJ

 It was cold outside but Monica melted me in a very satisfying

"I have seen Monica a couple times previously and we have had very good and intense sessions together...I was in the mood for that type of encounter had me stressed the fuck out and amped and I need to pound it out with a provider who knows me and is game for the level of intensity that I sometimes crave. Monica had not posted any availability but I took a chance and reached out to her asking her if she had time for a 2 hour session with me. The gods smiled upon me as she responded back to me right away and asked what location did I prefer to meet her at in north jersey which I thought was very nice and accommodating of her. We settled the logistics and I was on my way.  We had a delay in the connection because of some difficulties she had in securing the room but she communicated that with me every step of the way...nice prolonged silence....I posted up off site in a discreet area and returned a couple calls and answered some work emails....then she pinged me the room and I was off to the races.  Monica is exactly what she is in her pictures on her website and ads....We have always had a nice vibe together and we were both excited to see each other. We chatted for awhile to catch up and then I headed to the shower to get my mind right and freshen up"...( the rest was omitted for private detail) ☆☆☆☆☆


Response: "Fantastic review. This review almost made me horny. Monica is the one in my top todo list for years now.  Somehow My schedule never aligns with her"

11/28/2018 - CNJ

"Make you feel like she's your girlfriend" ☆☆☆☆☆

11/20/2018 - NNJ

Third time is the charm

I was lucky enough to see Monica earlier today after work. Monica and I always get on very well together, laughs and good times had by both of us. This was a pretty big first for me actually. I never went to the Meadowlands before today, at least not for providers. I have a huge bathing suit fetish. I had asked Monica to bring one with her, she brought a red one piece but it was a hot one piece. Monica looks really good. She takes care of herself, hair and nails. All the bells and whistles (the rest is omitted for private details)☆☆☆☆☆

11/14/2018  - CNJ

Date of the year!! A women with a sexual appetite which can make one Melt fulfilling.“Melt Machine”! 

As the title suggests, “most awaited date of the year”. Monica has been on my TDL for the longest time this year. Me and Monica have be communicating and trying to setup a date since April or May of this year. I salute Monica for being patient and responsive to our communications and not giving up on our future date. The build up was so much during the last 6-7 months that when we met yesterday, it was literary like a 4th of July fireworks for the both of us. As I mentioned above, communication was great throughout and I had no issues finalizing the date with her. I will be honest and say that I was nervous prior to the date because there has been so many good reviews about her passionate kissing, oral skills and overall performance. However I mustard up the courage to walk through that hallway and get to the room where she was already waiting behind the half cracked opened door. I entered and saw a tall, cute face brunette wearing a black lingerie and a nice pair of heels. She invited me in with a nice hug giving me an opportunity to feel her Ds against my chest and a sweet kiss for me to taste her lipgloss. We moved towards the center of room and got acquainted with each other which helped me get a bit relaxed. She politely asked if I needed to freshen up and helped set up the shower for me. Took care of the donation and started to undress both my clothes and nervousness. She made me feel like I was with my “real” GF and hence all the nervousness turned into excitement about what is going to take place in the next 60 mins or so. After taking a nice hot shower, I met Monica outside the bathroom where she was waiting for me. We immediately staring making out and moved between the two beds where she revealed her amazing Ds and got on her knees to provide a 5 star sloppy BBBJ with a lots of BLS and DT. I must say that this fine women knows how to use her warmth on the junior. Next we moved to the bed where she continued DFKing and I started to play with her Ds and sucking on those sensitive nipples as she started grinding on the rock solid junior. She kept switching between BBBJ, BLS and Russian till we were ready to take it to the next step. She got the cover on in style and stared to dry hump the junior. I knew she couldn’t wait for the main festivities, so I wasted no time and had her lay on her back on the bed. I wanted to make sure that I pay maximum attention to her sensitive nipples (which she likes a lot) and keep making out since she is definitely a passionate kisser. We went through couple positions but during the whole festivity, we both went into a trance and felt like we were in a different world where all you do was have nonstop s**. This women has a serious appetite for s** which truly reflects in her performance and the way she moves her body to create the perfect rhythm. I won’t say it was “blur” because we both genuinely enjoyed every moment, every inch, every Os, wetness and depth during the main event. She was a full GFE throughout the date. I am still reminiscing every moment of our date and will do for a very long time. There will be more dates in the future but as we say, “First Impression is the Last Impression”. For both of us, this date made a “Lasting Impression”!! ☆☆☆☆☆

10/19/2018 -  Parsippany 

"Monica Melts my popsicle "


10/20/2018 - Meadowlands

"Monica Melts has amazing energy!! Definitely aims to please!! Go see her if u havn’t, you will want to go back for more!! Birthday present to myself!" ☆☆☆☆☆

10/19/2018- Parsippany 

Monica Melts everything away

"I have had the pleasure of seeing Monica several times and all I can say is that it has been amazing. It gets better each time and I would highly recommend seeing her. If you’re on the fence now… get down from there and send that email! She is really great at what she does, she makes me forget that it’s a session and she goes above and beyond to make sure I have a great time. She makes me feel like a long-lost friend the second I walk through that door and I always leave with a smile on my face. The conversations in between are always enjoyable and you should also totally check out her website! It is updated constantly and every time I have gone to it since it launched it’s gotten better each time! It’s always sad when reality creeps back in and it’s back to the annoying real world but Monica’s good byes are even great. They leave a subtle reminder of how amazing it was and also a subtle hint to how amazing next time will be." ☆☆☆☆☆

10/17/2018 - CNJ

Monica Melts...Melted me again....Wow...perfect afternoon set!!

"I have been eagerly trying to get on Monica's schedule for the past couple weeks but my work schedule has been crazy! Finally some time opened up this morning. Set up a 90 min set (I do min 90 min sets as I always feel rushed when the time is any shorter)...easy set up..Monica remembered me from our first connection and all went well...

Get to the room and this tall beauty is waiting for me behind the door. We warmly greet each other with LFK and hugs..I excuse myself to the shower...When I get out and step into the room...We went from 0 to 100 really quickly....DFK..furious petting and caressing...I had to taste her so I went down and commenced to a long and through love making of Monica's Melt. Clean and fresh...I think she enjoyed it based on the reactions during and after the session.

X X X X X X (paragraph omitted for explicit detail)

Monica is a sweetheart who if you treat right and form a connection...buckle up it will be a fantastic voyage. Cannot wait to see her again ☆☆☆☆☆

10/12/2018 - Edison/Woodbridge

The Sultry One

"I had a few free minutes today to see a Companion, one I had seen twice previously: Monica Melts. i suspect many of you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing her yet and that’s the purpose of this review- I encourage you to see this sultry lady. 

For those who like Jenessa, RiverGianna and Veronica Love, her body is in that territory. In other words, she is a very attractive woman. She’s about 5’5” but taller with her heels. Beautiful and soft pillowly breast , very kissable lips and very good traditional skills. She is sweet, unassuming and a fun date. She’s GFE, hosts in nice locations and is a stable and safe presence. 

For those who like to direct the action, she will yield to you. If you want her to take charge, she will. She is comfortable in her own skin and just wants to please you. She, I’m certain, will do that. 

Her eyes are sparkling as she locks on yours. It is very trace-like combined with her calming presence. 

I will see her again. And for those seeking a fabulous kisser, non-smoker , very solid skills from a provider and a good person you’ll enjoy being with, I recommend her highly. Thanks.
Monica is an excellent provider who flies below the radar. Above all else, she’s a genuine woman which makes her very appealing. I cannot see anyone not enjoying their time with this sensual woman." ☆☆☆☆☆

⬆️10/15/2018 - Reply ⬆️

"I fully concur with this review. I met her once. Then recently exchanged an PM with her but addressed her incorrectly. She was very professional in her response and helped me correct my mistake! In room - she's a very sweet and truly loving individual. In my case I had real trouble with seconds but she realized I want it and went above and beyond to deliver, deliver with aplomb. She's very pleasant to look at and also she's a very good in holding a decent conversation."

10/3/2018 - NNJ

"Monica Melts-Another unbelievable time with an amazing lady, the stuff dreams are made of!" ☆☆☆☆☆

9/26/2018   CNJ

 "Monica Melts- Gorgeous Woman, Smoothly Sexy, and an Absolute Sweetheart" ☆☆☆☆☆

8/12/2018   NNJ

 "ATF!! Ohhh Monica! Somehow she always Excites me before I can get there! Sexy as Hell!! Perfectly Built for Pleasure Performance!!"


8/05/2018   NNJ

"Monica melted away the years and rekindled my youth with two hits out of the ball park! I'm still smiling!"


7/29/2018   NNJ

 "Monica Melts - Everything you want in a GFE, with a kiss that gives you the high you need" ☆☆☆☆☆

7/21/2018   NNJ

"Scorching Hot Time w/ Gianna & Monica- They melted my icicle sliver, turning it into a flowing river"


7/07/2018   NNJ

"Gianna and Monica to the aid - bucket list item checked" ☆☆☆☆☆

6/06/2018   NNJ

 "Rivergianna and Monica Melts the perfect duo! An Unforgettable Experience" ☆☆☆☆☆

5/29/2018   NNJ

"Lost count of how many visits in past few years. ATF and always has me leaving happy with a big smile." ☆☆☆☆☆

4/17/2018 CNJ

 "Monica EXUDES sexuality, total satisfaction" ☆☆☆☆☆

4/01/2018   CNJ

 "Monica - the eyes melted me THRICE - her eye contact while << >> is astounding!" ☆☆☆☆☆

3/18/2018   NNJ

"Finally!!! Monica Melts!! Why we do what we do" ☆☆☆☆☆

Most recent - Best GFE Reviews

Most recent - Best GFE Reviews

Most recent - Best GFE Reviews


7/30/2018 - COMMENT:

"Monica melts my heart with her luscious natural DD. Plus she’s a great kisser.

7/21/2018 - REVIEW:
"Met up with River Gianna and Monica Melts the other day for a nice threesome. River Gianna is a very pretty and hot brunette with awesome curves. Nice butt and natural D cups. About 5’6.

Her partner in crime is Monica Melts. She has sweet doe eyes and looks innocent enough, but dont let that fool you. Big DD cups and an ample backside to booty lol.

These two were pretty much up for everything and we had a great time. They were also highly interactive. Thank you so much River and Monica.

Acros: Dfk, Bbj, BBJ/BLS, BBJ/BBJ, Bbjcim, cfs, daty, toys, 69, 96

Pros: Hot girls with great attitudes; super nice; easy set up; excellent incall; great chemistry with each other and myself

Cons: Ran out of time for msog or time goes fast when you're having fun lol"